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Welcome everyone to my blog "How to Remember". Those who had already read my books in their undergraduate days while doing their MBBS, are well known of the fact that I am the author of "An Ultimate Guide to Community Medicine", which was first published by Jaypee Brothers on 2016 and currently is on 3rd edition as in 2019. I am currently pursuing DNB General Medicine in Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata.

The purpose of creating this website is something new. I have created this website to help medical students preparing for MD/MS/DNB entrance examinations in India to remember important topics for the exams by applying various techniques as worked out by me.

During my PG preparation, I read a lot, took coaching for an extensive 2 years and came across some topics which are asked in almost every examinations but are very difficult to remember. I made techniques to remember almost all of them in the 2 years of my preparation period. But what is the purpose of acquiring knowledge if they are not used to help others in need? That is the reason to start this website. In the upcoming days, I will share hundreds of important topics and ways to remember them.

Almost all of you are students of one or more PG Entrance coaching centers or have taken subscription of Apps. No doubt they are all good at delivering high quality content or information to you for Exam. But one great drawback of all of them is that due to unavoidable time limitations, they can't give you techniques to help you remember the important things of their notes. Thats where I come. I will help you for only one purpose, which is the most important purpose of doing all these hard works: to remember things so that you can mark the correct answer in the exam with 100% confidence; without any second thought of changing the answer. Hope my posts will help you in your preparation. Thank you.


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I am posting new topics for NEETPG continuously in this website; even 2 years after I cleared the exam and took my dream branch Internal Medicine. To help keeping this website ad-free and to help me maintaining this website (GoDaddy's annual hosting charge is around Rs. 6500/-). please consider donating whatever you can afford. In every page of this website, you will see my universal QR code; through which you can donate whatever you can through all the payment apps. Thanks once again.