• Caused by Bacillus anthracis (gram-positive spore-forming rod)
  • Category A bioterrorism agent
  • Causes zoonotic disease
  • Cutaneous anthrax/ Hide porter’s disease: Most common form; characterized by malignant pustule with black eschar. Common in dock workers.
  • Most fatal form: Pulmonary anthrax
  • Virulence factors:
    1. Edema factor
    2. Lethal factor
    3. Polypeptide capsule.
  • Gram stain: Bamboo stick appearance
  • Gelatin: Inverted far tree appearance
  • PLET agar: Medusa head colony
  • McFadyean’s reaction: When a blood film containing anthrax bacilli is stained using polychrome methylene blue and observed under microscope, a purplish coat (capsule) is seen around a blue stained bacilli.
  • Drug of choice for treatment & prophylaxis: Ciprofloxacin.


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