Eruption of temporary & permanent teeth


Temporary teeth:

  • First temporary teeth to erupt: Lower central incisor
  • Last temporary teeth to erupt: 2nd molar
  • Sequence: Lower central incisor (6 months) → Lower lateral incisor → Upper central incisor → Upper lateral incisor → 1st molar → Canine → 2nd molar (25 months).

Permanent teeth:

  • First permanent teeth to erupt: 1st molar
  • Last permanent teeth to erupt: 3rd molar
  • Sequence: 1st molar → Central incisor → Lateral incisor → 1st premolar → 2nd premolar → Canine → 2nd molar → 3rd molar.


  • Reference: Nelson 20th edition
  • One interesting thing to note: In both the sequences of temporary & permanent tooth eruption, there is a skip of canine; followed by a return to include it.

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