FAST in trauma



  • Full form:¬†Focused assessment with sonography in trauma
  • It is the first investigation to be done in blunt trauma abdomen.

Probe placement:

Serial Site To Exclude
1 Epigastric/ Subcostal Pericardial tamponade
2 Right flank Blood in Morrison pouch
3 Left flank Splenic injury
4 Pelvis Hemoperitoneum

Extended FAST (eFAST):

  • eFAST allows for the examination of both lungs by adding bilateral anterior thoracic sonography to the FAST exam. This allows early detection of a pneumothorax.
  • Normal lung movement: ‘Seashore‘ sign
  • Pneumothorax: ‘Barcode/ Stratosphere‘ sign
  • Cause of Barcode: Pneumothorax prevents detection of motion.

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