Foramens of skull & structures passing through them: How to Remember?


We often fail to remember them; here are the techniques to remember it:

  • Foramen rotundum:
    (R)otun(D)um = Ma(X)illary nerve
    Mnemonic is “RDX”.


  • Foramen OVALE:
    Mnemonic is: “MALE
    M: Mandibular nerve
    A: Accessory meningeal artery
    L: Lesser petrosal nerve
    E: Emissary vein.


  • Foramen spinosum:
    Middle meningeal vessels
    Spino = Meningeal
    Remember: “Spinal cord also has meninges”.


  • Foramen (L)acerum:
    Internal carotid artery (ICA)
    Mnemonic is “LICA”.


  • Jugular foramen:
    CN – 9, 10, 11
    But CN12 does not pass through jugular foramen (can come as an all except MCQ) as it passes through hypoglossal canal.


  • Superior orbital fissure: CN 3, 4, V1, 6.

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