Gene expression profiling of Breast CA



  1. Receptor status (ER/PR/ Her2-neu)
  2. Proliferation marker (Ki-67).


Types ER PR HER2/Neu Ki67
Luminal A* + + Low
Luminal B** + + + Low/ High
+ + High
Basal *** Very high
HER2 +ve**** + High

*Luminal A is most common and having best prognosis

**Triple posiive phenotype is more common in Luminal B

***Also known as triple negative breast CA (TNBC), worst prognosis

****Responds to┬áTrastuzumab (Herceptin) – monoclonal antibody against Her2.

Histological staining:

  1. ER, PR +ve:
    • Final location of receptor is intranuclear
    • So, nucleus is stained brown.
  2. Her2 +ve:
    • Membranous receptor
    • So, cell membrane is stained brown.

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