Health committees in PSM: How to Remember?



In this post, we have discussed various techniques to remember the functions and actions of some of the important health related committees formed in India from the era of independence. We want to confirm that through this post, we have no intention of demoralizing any of them and we have utmost respect in our heart for all of them. It is only for the purpose of remembering that we had to use the techniques that might seem odd and disrespectful to the audience.

  1. Bhore Committee:
    • Sounds like ‘Bore’ (Boring)
    • Bored the medicos with 3 months of training in PSM
    • Social studies is also a boring subject. So, they also gave the concept of “Social physicians“.
  2. Mudaliar Committee:
    • Mudaliar was an IAS officer
    • So, this committee constituted All India health service under IAS scheme.
  3. Chadah committee:
    • Sounds like ‘Chaddi’ (underwear)
    • Sleeping with only an underwear increases the risk of mosquito bite. So, this committee worked on Malaria eradication Programme
    • Sleeping with only an underwear also increases the family size (!). So, this committee introduced Family Planning Health Assistant.
  4. Mukherjee committee:
    • By now, Mr. Chadah started sleeping in a well-dressed manner (no more need of family planning that intensively)
    • So, this committee delinked malaria activities from family planning.
  5. Jungalwalla committee:
    • Made junglee provisions: No private practice, concept of equal and special pay
    • Jungalwalla sounds like Jallianwala. At Jallianwala Bagh, Indians were unified to find a cure against british and prevent further damage
    • So, this committee gave the concept of unified approach: curative and preventive.
  6. Kartar Singh Committee:
    • Punjabis (Singh) always work in groups
    • So, this committee gave concept of multipurpose workers.
  7. Shrivastava Committee:
    • Reverse the first 3 letters: RHS
    • Rural health scheme
    • Referral (to higher center) services
    • Formation of UGC (3 letters)
    • 3 letters: Introduced 3 tier health care system in India.
  8. Krishnan Committee:
    • Lord Krishna renewed humanity
    • This committee created health posts in urban slums (Urban Revamping [Renewing] Scheme).
  9. Bajaj Committee:
    • Bajaj company has good manpower in India
    • Formulation of National Health Manpower Policy.
  10. Balwant Rai Mehta committee:
    • 3 words
    • Establish 3 tier rural infrastructure:
      1. Gram panchayat
      2. Panchayat samiti
      3. Zillah parishad.

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