Iceberg Concept of Disease

  • The floating tip of the iceberg represents what the physician sees in the community, i.e. clinical cases
  • The vast submerged portion of the iceberg represents the hidden mass of the disease,

    1. Latent
    2. Inapparent
    3. Presymptomatic
    4. Undiagnosed cases
    5. Carriers.

  • Iceberg phenomenon is shown by:
    1. Hypertension
    2. Diabetes
    3. Anemia
    4. Malnutrition
    5. Mental illness
    6. Polio.
  • Iceberg phenomenon is not shown by the diseases which do not have chronic carrier state (Mnemonic: MTR2):
    1. Measles
    2. Tetanus
    3. Rubella
    4. Rabies.

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