1. Probable signs of pregnancy
  2. Prolactin levels in pregnancy
  3. Second trimester maternal serum markers
  4. Important time tables in Obstetrics
  5. Methods of placental separation
  6. Dose of Misoprostol in Obstetrics
  7. Fetal lung maturity
  8. Doppler in Obstetrics
  9. Normal radiological signs in Obstetrics
  10. Abnormal Radiological signs in Obstetrics
  11. Instruments used in OBG (IBQs)
  12. Maneuvers of breech extraction
  13. Maneuvers to extract a baby with Shoulder dystocia
  14. Operations for cervical incompetence
  15. Types of abortions: How to Remember?
  16. Special types of placenta
  17. Types of maternal pelvis
  18. Engaging Diameters: How to Remember?
  19. HIV in pregnancy (Summary of NACO Guidelines)
  20. Cardiotocography (CTG): Important points to remember
  21. Pregnancy in heart diseases
  22. Everything about Contraception
  23. Adenomyosis of uterus
  24. Varicella infection in pregnancy
  25. MC nerve injury in Obstetrics


  1. Homologous genital organs
  2. Types of Natural Estrogens: How to Remember?
  3. Primary amenorrhea
  4. Prolactinoma
  5. Interpretation of PAP smear
  6. Mullerian anomalies
  7. Vaginal infections & PID
  8. New FIGO staging of CA cervix (October, 2018)
  9. Ovarian tumors: Spotters