Triangles of neck: Surgical anatomy


  • Anterior & posterior triangles are separated by Sternocleidomastoid muscle
  • Posterior boundary of posterior triangle is formed by trapezius muscle
  • Anterior triangle contains 4 triangles:
    • Upper 2 triangles (separated by anterior belly of Digastric muscle):
      1. Submandibular/ Digastric triangle
      2. Submental triangle
    • Lower 2 triangles (separated by Omohyoid muscle)
      1. Carotid triangle
      2. Muscular triangle.
  • Posterior triangle is further divided into 2 triangles by Omohyoid muscle:
    1. Occipital triangle
    2. Subclavian/ Supraclavicular triangle.
  • Muscular triangle contains 4 muscles:
    1. Sternohyoid
    2. Omohyoid
    3. Thyrohyoid
    4. Sternothyroid.
  • Posterior triangle contains following important structures:
    1. Subclavian artery
    2. Nerves:
      1. Greater auricular nerve
      2. Lesser occipital nerve
      3. Transverse cervical nerve
      4. Spinal accessory nerve (CN-XI)
      5. Supraclavicular nerves.
  • MCQs:
    1. Skin over the angle of mandible is supplied by Greater auricular nerve
    2. The intermediate branch of supraclavicular nerve crosses the clavicle.

Cervical lymph nodes:

Surgical anatomy: Types of Neck Dissection


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