Types of Cataracts: Image Based Questions (IBQ)


Snowflake cataract:
Seen in diabetes

Sunflower cataract:
Seen in Wilson’s disease

Rossette shaped cataract:
Seen in concussion injury to lens

Blue dot cataract:
MC congenital cataract (vision is normal)

Zonular cataract:
A. MC type of congenital cataract causing significant diminution of vision
B. Spokes/ Rider pattern.

Oil drop cataract:
Seen in galactosemia (Galactose 1 phosphate Uridyl transferase [GALIPUT] deficiency)

Senile cortical cuneiform cataract:
Radial spoke like pattern

Intumescent cataract:
Fluid clefts

Morgagnian cataract:
Hypermature cataract with liquified (milky white) cortex

Polychromatic lustre & Breadcrumb appearance:
Seen in complicated cataract.

Christmas tree cataract:
Associated with myotonic dystrophy


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